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What Kinds of Items Can You Sell on Ecommerce Marketplaces?

On Amazon, we can sell nearly anything. Here are some of the most popular Amazon selling categories: Books, Digital Accessories, Luggage Items, Mobile Phones, Groceries, Musical Instruments, Watches, Toys, Tablets, Computers and Laptops, Software Some categories require permission before you may sell them on any online site, including Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and others.

What Details Do You Require to Register as a Seller On Amazon and Other Ecommerce Marketplaces in India?

To sell on any e-commerce platform, you will need the following details to begin with:
1. Contact information (phone number and email address)
2. Your business information
3. A brief description of your business.
4. Tax registration information, i.e., GST and PAN details
5. Banking details.

What are the charges for selling on Amazon Marketplace?

Listing products on amazon is completely free, Amazon will charge some fees when you receive an order from a customer.

Do You Require A GST number on the Amazon India Marketplace?

Yes, you will need a GST number to sell on Amazon. You have to provide GST information at the time of registration.

Do You Get Protection Against Fraud?

Yes, Amazon helps you protect against fraudulent orders that are placed on your items. In order for you to receive a quicker resolution, our Amazon seller services will also escalate your issue to Amazon.


Is PAN required to apply for GST?

Yes, PAN card is required to apply for GST.

What is the registration process for GST in India?

GST registration can be done in three simple steps:
Application Drafting
ARN Number
Registered GST Number

Is GST registration required for an E-commerce startup?

Yes, GST registration is required for an E-commerce startup.

Can a person without GST registration claim ITC and collect the tax?

No, a person without GST registration cannot claim ITC and collect the tax.

If I’m starting a new business today, do I still need to get TIN and then apply for GST? Or can I directly register with GST?

No, you can directly apply for GST registration with the help of A1SR.

Can I get multiple GST registrations within a state?

Yes, a company may file for as many GST registrations as desired within a state. For ease of doing business, the process of holding multiple GST registrations only for different industries within a state has been eliminated.

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a method to promote your brand or business on the internet. Digital marketing reaches its target audience via mobile, laptop, tablet, or any device that is connected to the internet.

Why do you need digital marketing?

In this age of digital transformation, Digital marketing is the ideal way for any new or existing business to reach out to more clients.

Can you do it yourself, or do you need an agency?

Anyone with the right expertise can conduct Digital Marketing. However, if you want to achieve great things for your company, you need to work with a professional Digital Marketing Agency like A1SR.

IT Solutions

How much does a new website cost?

It is difficult to determine the precise cost of a new website. Pricing varies according to your demands and the technique utilized to develop your website. Our website creation prices begin at INR 2999. Payment gateways are also included in A1SR IT solutions.

We can also develop mobile applications for you.

A1SR also creates mobile applications for its customers. We can create Zomatos, Swiggyy, Olaa, Free Fantasy game applications, and free trading apps.

In addition, we develop desktop software.

A1SR also creates management software for businesses. We develop accounting software and telephony CRM for hospitals, schools, and universities, as well as any other company that requires management software.

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